Cell-based Assays

  Cell-based assays provide scientists a powerful and versatile tool to look at the functional states of various cell types. Properly designed assays can measure many biological functions of interest. As Xeno Diagnostics focuses primarily on inflammation and immunology, many of the assays we currently have developed are designed to provide insight into the immunologic reaction or status of animals undergoing various therapies. These assays include Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions (MLR’s), cell-dependent complement-mediated cytotoxicity assays, phagocytosis assays, and viability assays. When these cell-based assays are combined with other immunoassays and physiological data, we gain insight into the biological response of the individual being studied.

  Being committed to translational research, Xeno supports several animal models including baboon, cynomolgus macaque, rhesus monkey, bovine, porcine, as well as human. Our non-human primate (NHP) immunoassay uses old-world monkey specific antibodies, making validation in other NHP species relatively quick. If the species of interest is not listed below, don’t hesitate to contact us. Assay customization is available to meet the specific requirements of your study. To request the development of an assay, or to inquire about other assays that are currently being developed, please contact us via phone (317-973-4079), email (info@xenodiagnostics.com), or by submitting an online inquiry > Submit Inquiry


Catalog No. Description (Analyte) Species Available
5700x Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Human, Baboon, Cynomolgus Macaque, Porcine
5720x Phagocytosis Porcine
5730x Viability by Trypan Blue Human, Porcine, Bovine, Baboon
5731x Viability by 7AAD Human
5732x Viability by Propidium Iodide (PI) Human, Bovine
57040 T-Cell Isolation Human