Company History

  Xeno Diagnostics, LLC was established in 2007 with the purpose of providing products and services to aid in the use of pigs in transplantation and basic research. Xeno’s success in establishing ELISA, PCR, cell culture assays, and antibody development led to clients requesting assistance with other cell-based assays utilizing other animal species. To meet those needs, Xeno expanded its focus to meet those needs as well as addressing unique requests from industry, academia, and startup companies. Additional cell based assays were developed to evaluate emerging technologies ranging from implantable tissues and biosynthetic materials to test compounds aimed at treating cancers, virii, and other diseases. Currently available assays include but are not limited to: Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions (MLR's), Cytotoxicity Assays (CDC/ADCC), Cytokine Release, Receptor Occupancy Assays, and Immunoglobulin Quantification.

  Xeno Diagnostics obtained its high complexity CLIA accreditation in 2008, and through participation in the external inspection process it maintains high standards in laboratory testing. Clients also benefit from Xeno’s related organizational infrastructure including its relationships with IRB's, patient recruitment organizations, animal product providers (body fluids, tissues, cells), and biorepositories. These collaborations have allowed Xeno to successfully handle a greater variety of projects in a shorter amount of time.