Cytokine Analysis by Multiplex

  Multiplex bead-based assays allow for detection and quantification of multiple secreted cytokines in as little as 25 uL of:

  Multiplex technology provides a dynamic, cost-effective alternative to preforming multiple ELISAs. 

  The expression profile of multiple cytokines is useful for:

  As a contract research organization (CRO), Xeno Diagnostics provides reliable cytokine quantification and analysis using Luminex multiplex technology.

Cytokine Lower LOQ (pg/mL) Upper LOQ (pg/mL)




IL-4 1.10 9806
IL-10 1.58 9394
IFN-y 1.99 9729
TNFa 3.09 1368

  For other analytes, please inquire. 

  Example of multiplex cytokine data:


Defawe OD, Fong Y, Vasilyeva E, Pickett M, Carter DK, Gabriel E, et al. Optimization and qualification of a multiplex bead array to assess cytokine and chemokine production by vaccine-specific cells. J Immunol Methods 2012; 382:117-28.