Mission Statement

  "Xeno Diagnostics, LLC, was created for the purpose of improving human health by providing the necessary reagents, materials, and testing services to bridge the gap between animal models and human pathophysiology research, expanding the field of translational medicine."


  One of the largest inhibitors to the advancement of translational research is a lack of specific reagents, antibodies, analytes, and support services for those scientists involved in the early stages of research and development using animal models. While great advancements have been made in the field, there is a constant need for the development of these products and services. Xeno Diagnostics’ goal is to accelerate the advancement of translational medicine by providing these often hard-to-find products and services. With an emphasis on xeno-transplantation of tissues and organs, Xeno provides products and services to researchers using Non-human Primate (NHP), Porcine, Bovine, and Human models for their research. Specifically within this area, Xeno has developed strong support services for those people and organizations in need of outsourced Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions, Cytotoxicity Assays, and other cell-based and immunological assays, which are often labor intensive.

  As many of our clients are looking to move their technology through FDA approval, Xeno has adopted Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as defined by Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations, part 58. This ensures that the research performed by Xeno Diagnostics can be done in conformance with the regulations necessary for the research to be submitted to the FDA for potential approval (please note, while GLP research originating from Xeno Diagnostics can be submitted to the FDA, this in no way guarantees that the technology will be approved). Xeno Diagnostics is also a high-complexity CLIA accredited laboratory, and is able to perform research under those regulatory requirements as well. For clients in the very early stages of discovery, Xeno can also perform assays in a Research & Development only format, in an effort to keep costs low.