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Our established in-vitro assays evaluate immune response to assess novel compounds in drug development. Xeno performs immune cell activation and immune cell-mediated cytotoxic activity assays. We also conduct drug cytotoxicity screening assays on immune cells activated by anti-CD3/CD28 antibodies, mitogens or protein antigens. These assays utilize ELISA, Flow Cytometry, and Luminex™ Technology for end point analysis.

Regenerative Medicine

Xeno was an early developer of a validated CD34 stem cell enumeration assay from human umbilical cord blood using flow cytometry. Working with several companies, Xeno continued development of in-vitro assays to test other products aimed at replacing failed organ or defective tissues that had lost normal function. Xeno has evaluated engineered cardiomyocytes, porcine cells, macrophages, mesenchymal stem cells, bone materials, and Wharton’s jelly against several human donor PBMC populations to detect immune cell activation and immune cell-mediated cytotoxicity. We have extensive experience evaluating engineered cells for their cell surface antigen expression and intercellular molecules using multi-color flow cytometry.

Transplant Immunology

Xeno performs in vitro evaluation of immune responses to potential transplant tissues using co-cultures in mixed lymphocyte reactions that include allogeneic dendritic cell/T-cell, one-way and two-way mixed lymphocyte reactions. Endpoint analysis of the proliferative response and/or cytokine response can be measured using ELISA, Flow Cytometry, and Luminex™ Technology. Xeno has extensive experience using human, baboon, bovine, and porcine cells, and have developed assays for total plasma IgG/IgM and alpha-gal, antibody mediated cell cytotoxicity (ADCC), and complement dependent cytotoxicity.

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