Xeno Diagnostics is a provider of in-vitro assays for early-stage drug development. We support biotech companies, pharmaceutical and academic life science organizations to enhance the quality and speed of their research. Our suite of assays and interaction with investigators have been designed to move the process forward. We are truly dedicated to making a difference for our clients.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Studies:

Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions and T- Cell Activation:

Immune cells are stimulated with PHA to increase receptor activity. Test compounds are co-cultured with PBMCs, dendritic cells, CD4, or CD8 T-cells and their effect on cytokine expression and/or T-cell viability, proliferation, and activation is quantified. Xeno Diagnostic’s human donor bank provides the ability to use the same donor or donor pairs in sequential studies or screening of compounds in multiple donor pairs.

A.One-Way MLR/ DC-T cell
B.One-Way MLR/PBMC 1+PBMC 2 (mitomycin c treated)

More Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Studies

Flow analysis of cell surface biomarkers such as CD3, CD4, CD8, PD1, PDL1, and LAG3 to evaluate cell surface expression.

  • Immune cell-mediated: Antibody mediated cell cytotoxicity (ADCC), Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC), or T Cell Cytotoxicity.
  • Drug screening: Immune cells are activated with anti-CD3/CD28 antibodies, mitogens or protein antigens and cultured in the presence of pharmaceutical products. End point analysis of multiplexed cytokine expression and flow cytometric evaluation of proliferation and T-cell subsets are performed.

The change in macrophage activity can be detected through several methods including by measuring TNFα levels.

Do not hesitate to call or email if you have an idea for a custom project that utilizes our technical capacity or a similar idea/modification to the assays above. We are a fully equipped research lab with immunological technical expertise.

  • Standard and custom ELISAs
  • Cell Isolation and Culture
  • 13 color Flow Cytometry
  • T-cell Subset Isolation and Analysis
  • Luminex Multiplex Technology