Regulatory Compliance

GLP: Our Quality Management System allows us to adhere to both CLIA and GLP standards by taking the more stringent requirements of each and when necessary, melding aspects of each standard into a hybrid approach for select projects or clients. Beyond applying this method to our standard operating procedures, Xeno has also designed it’s laboratory infrastructure to ensure that studies are not interrupted and samples are not lost due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes having redundant laboratory equipment, analyzes, sample storage, data backup, and power backup for the entire facility. For GLP studies, back up personnel are trained at all levels as well, from testing personnel to QA staff. 


Discovery / RUO: Good Laboratory Practices are generally observed in discovery or pre-clinical phases of research, even though regulatory compliance is not required. Xeno maintains data and records on these studies in a similar manner as GLP studies, ensuring a higher level of confidence when planning follow-up studies.