Elisa Assays

Baboon (Genus: Papio) IgM

Catalog No.: 53413
Turnaround Time: 3-5 Days
Application: The IgM quantitation provides the level of IgM present in a given volume of baboon serum or plasma. This assay is currently available for baboons, cynomolgus macaques, and rhesus monkeys. To request validation in another species, please contact us via phone or email, or submit an online inquiry.

Analytical Method: IgM is measured by ELISA using an IgM-specific monkey antibody.

Sample Requirements: Please submit a minimum of 0.5mL of frozen sample. For accurate results sample must remain frozen throughout transit. Contact Xeno Diagnostics for further information on alternative sample sizes.

Structure: IgM is a 900 kDa pentavalent protein. The molecule possesses five variable regions each composed of light and heavy chains. IgM is the first immunoglobulin produced upon antigenic stimulation. The variable region imparts unique binding specificity while the heavy chain Fcµ constant region provides functional characteristics of the isotypic class.

Production: Plasma cells synthesizes IgM after antigenic stimulation. The IgM synthesized will recognize and bind to the specific stimulating antigen.