ELISA Assays

Many of our protein assays are available in an ELISA format.  We are constantly striving to provide the most accurate and reproducible results for your use.  Should you have specific requirements which demand assay modifications, we will attempt to modify an assay to meet your needs while not compromising the quality of the assay.  This service is especially useful for researchers working with unexpected or previously untested matrices in their experiments. To request the development of an unlisted ELISA assay, or to inquire about other assays that are currently being developed, please contact us via phone or email, or by submitting an online inquiry

Catalog NumberDescription (Analyte)Specificity
53403 IgG Baboon
53413 IgM Baboon
53424 IgA Cynomolgus Macaque
53404 IgG Cynomolgus Macaque
53414 IgM Cynomolgus Macaque
53405 IgG Rhesus Monkey
53415 IgM Rhesus Monkey