13-Color Flow Cytometry

Whether you are looking to phenotype co-cultured cells, identify cell subsets in your cell population or determine proliferation/cytotoxicity, our flow cytometry services can provide biological relevance to your studies. We specialize in using multiple markers (13+ color) simultaneously and in the analysis of your datasets.

Here, we demonstrate immunophenotypic analysis of a human blood sample using 13 fluorescent markers on the ACEA NovoCyte Flow Cytometer. We identified and analyzed subsets of T cells, B cells, and other leukocytes using the NovoExpress acquisition and analysis software.

Methods: Cryopreserved PBMCs were stained with the antibody cocktail for 30 minutes at room temperature in the dark. Samples were then washed, fixed in 1% paraformaldehyde, and run on the NovoCyte flow cytometer. Color compensation was calculated automatically using the auto compensation feature after acquiring single color compensation bead samples. Fluorescence minus one (FMO) controls were used to ensure accurate gating.

Xeno Assays that use flow cytometry:

We also offer custom flow cytometry assay design. We can assist you in finding the right markers for your study, experimental design including use of controls and FMOs and utilize a wide variety of techniques such as intracellular staining.